Of Tea and Butterfield
This is the tumblr of a rather eccentric person (aren't they all?). Mostly for things of a Butterfield nature, such as gifs, photos, and my own artwork. Other things include: HBO's Rome, Titanic, Merlin, Downton Abbey, Sherlock, and misc other things.



A little celebration of the Force Majeure release. Hopefully I will get the DVD this week, but knowing the Polish postal service I may as well get it next year.

(Someone should take my PC away from me. If I have too much free time this is how it ends XD)

The wonderful British European transvestive nails appreciation post.

[(x) | (x) | (x) | (x) | (x) | (x) | (x)Brand X with Russell Brand 2x05 | The Last Leg 3x08 | Ross Noble: Freewheeling 1x01]

WATCH RIPPER STREET ♠ 1st season = 8 episodes


Cillian Murphy by Vassilis Karidis for So It Goes magazine. A sneak peek at Issue 3 out next week. Can be ordered at the magazine website now. (X)


Asa Butterfield for Quinnor X-Ray Pack

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