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I’ll be honest, I am not fond of Jane, or rather, I am not pleased with the way the introduction of her character to the series has been carried out. I have no qualms with her personal character, she seems nice enough and has done nothing ill or ill-intended so far as can be seen, but the emergence of marital problems between Cora and Robert so far has been done messily. And I don’t mean messily in the way that a real relationship in trouble would be messy, what I am saying is it seems to have been threaded all too loosely into the rest of the plot, possibly as some way to give Lord and Lady Grantham a way to still be involved in the story somehow. Either way, it makes Jane seem all too thrown in as a plot device rather than a character. There was no real build up of her character, of her likes/dislikes/anything that would really distinguish her from any of the other maids aside from the fact that she’s a working war widow. I wish that Downton Abbey, a show I love and praise often for its wonderful attention to nuance and detail and pacing, had done the same with this new “romantic” plot with Lord and Lady Grantham and the maid. That way I would feel justified in either liking or disliking Jane based on merit rather than “she’s just that girl getting in the way of their marriage” or feeling like I am now supposed to dislike Cora despite all the courageous things she’s done throughout the rest of the series. 

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