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Note to Pokemon Fandom:

I am noticing this really annoying trend in people to roll their eyes or disregard a fan if they say the first season was the best. And why? Certainly if someone said “season one is the best and the only one that should get any attention” then yes, that would be worthy of annoyance. But you know what? EVERYONE is going to have their own personal favorite season. And so what if it happens to be the first season? It does not make them any less of a fan if they still follow the rest or love the games. Perhaps they grew up with it and have a nostalgic factor? Or maybe they have certain episodes that are their favorites and they happen to be in season one. 

Why has liking Season One become equivalent to being a pokemon outcast? What is wrong with someone preferring one season over another? Or rather. Why is it if they don’t prefer the season YOU like best they are suddenly bad? There is nothing wrong with someone having a preference. So long as they aren’t turning around to undermine the value of someone else’s preferred season. Which is exactly what YOU are doing every time you devalue a fan’s love for the first season. Its not being “more of a fan” its being “pretentious”. 

Really the entire point is to share a love and interest in the Pokemon enterprise, not to pick and choose who is more “valuable” or “correct” as a fan based on personal preferences. Why not roll our eyes at anyone who thinks the Orange Islands were the most fun? Or anything that happened in Johto? Apparently its completely up to “i just don’t agree with you” nowadays. 

Grow up. People can like what they want and shouldn’t be bothered for doing so so long as they aren’t bothering anyone else either.